Md. Sahil:

Md. Sahil, class VI

Sahil was a below average student when he joined Darshan in 2015. Over the last few years his development has astonished the special educators who have worked on him. He is not only proved he is intelligent but forthcoming and a go getter.

Sahil was born with the deformity of a bent ear and is hearing impaired too.  Youngest of the three siblings, his father works as a tailor in a garment factory drawing a meager salary. Sahil was admitted to 2nd class and in 6 months prove good for the Class. He was tried out in 3rd standard after the half yearly exams. He managed well and since then he has been showing improvement and stability in his studies. He has risen to the second position in his class now and shows active interest in sports and games. He loves Cricket as much as much as playing Kabaddi.

Md. Kaif:

Md. Kaif, class VIII

Mohammed Kaif who is hearing impaired joined Darshan in 2012 when he was 5 years old. His father Kamruddin Ali works as a glass cutter, his profession brought him in Jaipur. Someone directed him to Darshan and – in his own words,” I’m lucky and so is my son that we found a special school near our house”. Kaif was given many long hours of speech therapy by Mrs Neeru Therapist, and he has learn to express himself. He loves Cricket and all games. His mother, who is a matriculate, has helped him develop interest in studies and how to put in hard work.  The teachers molded him these few years to become a top student of his class. He is always the first or second in his class.

Dilkush Mahawar:

Dilkush Mahawar, Class III

Dilkush Mahawar is the son of a mason(daily wage earner) Ram Swaroop Mahawar. Dilkush is 11 years old. He joined when Darshan in 2018. He has a younger brother who is a normal child.

Born with hearing impairment Dilkush in fact has multiple disabilities. He is slightly handicapped with a limp in his stride. He suffers slight mental imbalance but nothing detrimental to his growth.He suffers 60% hearing disability. He is a regular student and his academics are good with 80% average in most subjects. He stands first in his class of 12 students. He does not need promoting or monitoring by parents to do his work. Inspite of the multiple disabilities he has shown an independent nature. Soft quite and independent, Dilkush should do better over a period of time.

Kushi Sharma:

Kushi Sharma, class VII

Kushi Sharma joined Darshan in the summer of 2011 when she was just four & half years. Out of 5 siblings, she is the second child and the only one who is hearing impaired. She joined us with profound hearing loss in both ears. The hearing aids and speech therapy, she has greatly improved. In 2017 her report showed that in her right ear she improved her hearing ability.

Her father works in a company as supervisor. She is a hard-working girl. She is a good dancer and actively participates in school functions and dance programmes.  She is very good in her studies and comes first in class with about 80%. She leaves the boys far behind in academics. Over 9 years with Darshan, she has improved her speech ability and with the hearing improvement she can comprehend much better which is proven by her standing in the class.

Vikas Sharma :

Vikas Sharma who joined Darshan in 2010 in the playgroup, is now in 9th Grade. The son of a poor farmer from Kalwar Tehsil, he is the only one in the family who suffers from profound sensorial hearing loss in both ears.

From when he joined us to now, there has been a tremendous improvement in Vikas’s speech and language. When he joined, he hardly could write a sentence but now he writes applications, translates sentences, and solves trigonometry, algebra, geometry and general math problems.  He can also write letters, applications and essays in Hindi, as well as read and understand passages out of his textbook.

To quote his father, “Vikas does not give up easily” He sits and solves his Math problems or schoolwork before going to bed.

Vikas enjoys the playfield as much as his classroom; a good sportsperson, he likes playing volleyball with the students and staff.

Vikas takes pleasure in creative work. In 2015, he took part in a competition at the Jaipur Institute of Management. He paints well and is enthusiastic about participating in events.

Well-behaved, studious and well-dressed, over the years we found Vikas suitable for our best reward. In 2018 he became the School Head Boy. Since then, he has been actively discharging his duties as the head of the school. He is an excellent organizer. He is a team player and involves others in activities and keeps the team together to complete a task.

Priya Kanwar :

Her eyes are the blue of the ocean. Priya Kanwar was 4 years old when she was admitted to Darshan with severe hearing and speech disabilities.
Her father is a vendor who sells street food. Priya has two other siblings.Priya clung to her mother for more than 15 days when she joined Darshan as a preschooler. In the 5th grade now, she copes ably with the curriculum. She is an excellent dancer. She also takes active interest in games such as volleyball, cricket, badminton and skipping rope.

A natural leader, Priya takes the initiative to encourage younger children school gatherings. She aspires to do well in studies. She is resilient cheerful and happy child.


Bhagyalakshmi, a 10th Grade student at Darshan, suffers from profound sensorial hearing loss. She joined Darshan in January 2009 as a student in the playgroup  and has been an exemplary student since. From the Shri Ramji ki Nangal village, Bhagyalakshmi never misses school unless she is unwell; she regularly walks away with the prize for full attendance at the end of term. Her father, Shri Ram Gopal Sharma is a marginal farmer.

Health-conscious,  Bhagyalakshmi does not overindulge herself. She enjoys badminton and looks for opportunities on the skipping rope with other girls. On her own initiative, she mentors younger girls in gymnastics, yoga and other PT forms.

Creative, Bhagyalakshmi can write a theme or a story by just looking at the frames of a drawing. She loves to perform Rajasthani dances, the energy and joy in her soul pouring out. She takes a keen interest in craft too, eager to learn new things from the crafts teacher.

Academically, Bhagyalakshmi is a consistent first or second ranker. With a natural flair for Algebra and all forms of Math, she solves mathematical problems in her textbook by going through the examples.