Courses Provided at Darshan School and Institute

  • Special School for Hearing Impaired children from classes 1 to 10.
  • Computer Courses
  • Summer training courses in Computers for profoundly Hearing Impaired youth

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To run a school (non-formal education) for handicapped (hearing-impaired) children upto Class 10.
  2. To provide computer software training for profoundly hearing impaired youth.
  3. To provide skilling with vocational literacy for older profoundly hearing impaired youth.
  4.  To assist them to obtain employment.
  5. To establish a resource centre and a data bank for potential employment/job opportunities. 

The objectives of the Society includes providing education and vocational training to disabled youth, a neglected segment in most societies worldwide. Darshan decided that the first step toward achieving this goal was to set up a special school for young hearing impaired children, (‘catch them young’) providing them hearing aids and special learning techniques, special teachers, speech therapists, learning visual appliances, uniforms and importantly a nourishing mid-day meal, not least because of their general problems of malnourishment and hygiene.